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Our School name is Barh Abbas Khel Public School Hangu. Which is situated at Village Barh Abbas KHel, Union council Balyamina, Tehsil & Distt Hangu. This is a model school, included in Pilot project and received many awards, cash from Pilot project. It has highly skillfull and qualified teaching staff who are serving their Students in the best possible manners. The School has a good looking and attractive building flurshing with all modern fa...
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Barh Abbas Khel Public School
Barh Abbas Khel Public School
Barh Adda Thall Road Hangu, Pakistan
Contacts:  03361906257, 03361906254

Principal Message

Child without Education, Is like a bird without wings

MD Abid Rehman



when wealth is lost nothing is lost  

and health is lost something is lost

when character is lost, everything is lost.




My main goal is to provide good and learned citizen to Pakistan. who can serve their country in the best possible manners.we are here to train our pupils mentally, physically and polish their hidden qualities and guts. I wish good luck and bright future to my students.......

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Eid Mubarak to all Muslims
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اسلام علی...